Lohbrunner Community Farm cooperative


There are a number of membership categories available for participation in the Lohbrunner Community Farm Cooperative (LCFC). To participate on the farm as a member each member will hold a minimum of one share at a par value of $500. We welcome members to invest in their community farm. You may choose to purchase more than one share. These shares will provide the cooperative with the necessary funds to develop the farm infrastructure, pay back the LCFC’s $100,000 loan that VanCity Community Foundation lent FarmFolk CityFolk that enabled the land to be transferred from The Land Conservancy to Farm Folk City Folk, along with start up and development costs of the cooperative.

These memberships hold responsibilities and privileges.


1) The responsibilities first and foremost are to uphold the Lohbrunner Community Farm Cooperative PURPOSES which are:

  • Provide stewardship of the bio-diverse land through ecological- minded organic farming for present and future generations.

  • Develop a community farm service cooperative providing access to viable land while promoting and supporting local food production.

  • Share opportunities for wellness, social, educational and farm experiences.

2) Our community service cooperative works on the principles of consensus ensuring all members have an opportunity to be heard.

3) All applicants will be required to review and sign a document that they understand the purposes, responsibilities, and privileges at which time they will receive a copy for their records.


1) Memberships have a lifetime par value. In other words they do not loose or gain value.

2) Each member will have one vote at the annual general meeting, election of directors or during special resolution meetings, no matter how many shares you may choose to hold.

3) Put a voice to the communities needs at the annual general meeting where overarching decisions are being made to form and maintain the cooperative.

4) Participate in educational, social, and farm experiences.

5) Be first to receive notification of organically grown products available for purchase.

6) Support the farmers in your area by purchasing locally grown food.

7) Be part of a community that values organic farming, eating locally grown food, knowing the farmer who put the food on your table, and who believes in the need for food security through small scale agriculture.

8) A Membership Certificate and Subscription Agreement will be provided to each member for their records.

9) Any individual who chooses to donate towards the community farm will receive a tax receipt through FFCF. Memberships do not receive tax receipts.

10) If you so choose to not hold a membership at some point in time you can put in your request to the Board to withdraw you membership. Your shares will be returned at par value at such a time that does not compromise the financial stability of the cooperative.

11) Apply to sit on the Board of Directors.

Membership Categories

Community Farm Support Membership

  • A $500 basic membership for an individual

What will I get?

Perfect for the individual who values knowing where their food has come from and the farmer who helped put the food on their table; who wants to be part of an organic growing community supporting local food production; will receive notification of products grown on the farm that are ready for purchase; may participate in learning and social events; will have a voice in what’s important to you when engaging with the community farm in your neighbourhood.

Community Farm Support Group Membership

  • A $500 basic membership available to eligible organizations, businesses and associations.

What will I get?

This membership is for those organizations, businesses and associations that have two or more members/employees who believe in the values of supporting local small scale agriculture in their communities. This group will have a designated individual who will be the contact to the coop and vote on behalf of their members/employees at the annual general meeting. A total of 5 individuals can have their names on the Subscribers Certificate.

Hands in the Soil Membership

To access the farm for the purpose of food production each member will hold a minimum of 2 shares at a total of $1000. Under the Hands in the Soil Membership there are two categories: Homesteaders and Growing a Business


You may choose, under the Hands in the Soil Membership to apply to be part of an organized group we call “ The Homesteaders”. Together, the Homesteaders plan, manage and organize to cultivate and harvest food for their table. If you are interested in becoming a Homesteader you will be required to complete an application to join the group. Please note after the first year as a Homesteader there will be a review at the end of the season to consider if this is a good fit for you and the group.

Growing a Business

Looking for a viable affordable place for the purposes of running a farm business producing organic food and/or food products with the support of a cooperative? Submit a farm plan for considerations to the board of directors outlining your intent, needed infrastructure, and amount of land you would like to lease. An additional land lease fee will apply in addition to the cost of your membership according to the area needed. LCFC is offering short term renewable leases for up to 29 years. Please note that each partner in your business will need to purchase a Hands in the Soil membership equalling $1000. Your employees and volunteers do not need to purchase a membership

Ready to be part of this growing farm community?

Contact us at Lohbrunnercommunityfarm@gmail.com